Ingenuity and Efficiency: Fun and Simple Ideas for Decluttering Your Home

Shonn Thompson
Shonn Thompson
Published on June 7, 2019

Decluttering makes you feel good. Sure, your home looks better and
it’s more organized, but the best reward of all may be the mental relief and
sense of accomplishment you get from living simply. Decluttering is, among
other things, a process of unburdening and self-renewal. Your surroundings look
better, so you feel better. There’s science
to back this up – studies have shown a correlation between clutter and stress. If you’ve been
putting it off, the good news is that decluttering can be an easy, even enjoyable, process. Here are a few tips to
help get you started:

Begin in the worst room

Some people prefer to start slowly and begin in small rooms.
Instead, begin in the most cluttered space, because once you have that out of
the way, you’ll have created momentum and proven that you can tackle the worst
of it without the assistance of an “expert.” There’s nothing like starting out
a daunting task with confidence and finding that it’s not as difficult as you

Purge the paper

Paper is a major source of clutter in many homes. It seems to come
from nowhere and pile up in every room; from credit card offers to newspaper
and old receipts, it’s everywhere. There’s a fun and simple way to control all
the paper the kids bring home from school every day. Consider setting up a file bin or folder for each child, and declare it their personal school
“mailbox.” All the text and homework results, forms to be signed, and
correspondence goes into those mailboxes for you to go through each night.
Return what needs to go back to school, recycle the graded homework and tests,
and prepare for the next day’s mailbox “deliveries.”

Hang it all

If your children leave a trail of jackets, sweatshirts, backpacks
and soccer jerseys throughout the house after school, there’s a fun and simple
way to resolve this daily source of clutter. Hang hooks on the inside of bedroom doors and closets as well as inside the front
door, so all they have to do is hang their stuff on hooks as they move from
room to room. No more tripping on clothing, books and other knick knacks, or
picking up new clutter every day.

Unload those DVDs

Many people have rendered their DVD libraries obsolete by joining
the streaming revolution. If your entertainment center is clogged with old DVDs you no longer need, it’s time to gather them up and head to the
secondhand bookstore to make a few bucks by selling them. But before you do,
why not have an “old DVD movie night” for one more viewing of your favorites.
Pop some popcorn and fire up the DVD player, maybe for the last time, and enjoy
a trip down memory lane.

Clean as you declutter

Once you get into the decluttering mindset, you may as well get
some cleaning done as well. As long as you’re in that frame of mind, why not
knock out some vacuuming, dusting, mopping and polishing to give the house a
really thorough going-over? Consider hiring a professional cleaning
to do a deep cleaning, a worthwhile and affordable investment if
it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned. The cost of cleaning rugs or carpeting
in Antioch, California, averages from $131 to $233.

There’s no reason you can’t have a little fun and use some
ingenuity while decluttering your home. Part of the fun is coming up with new
tweaks to your decluttering process, hacks that make things easier and help
everyone keep the house clean and orderly. The easier you can make it, the less
stuff you should have to declutter.

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